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BAE Productions offers coaching-consulting services to individuals and small businesses — helping clients strategize through planning and problem solving, as well as developing business skills and knowledge.

Bart Elliott

Specializing in the entertainment, multimedia and musical instrument industries, BAE Productions has the skills, resources and years of experience to help you advance your career and/or small business. We help our clients to create success by focusing on personal development, time management, business plans, marketing plans and goal setting.

Besides helping our clients plan and strategize, we offer a variety of supplementary services to assist in completing the task and getting the job done.

  • Brand strategy
  • Product development
  • Career coaching
  • Designing business models
  • Marketing plans and strategies
  • Social media campaigns
  • Publishing literature, music, information 
  • Trademarks, copyrights, patents
  • Fundraising and crowd funding

As a consultant, coach, advisor and mentor, BAE Productions specializes in helping individuals, groups and small businesses.

Some of our past consulting clients include:


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